Numismatics with Peter Planchet

US Marshals Commemorative Coin set

The mint's latest effort is a 2015 coin set commemorating the 225th anniversary of the US Marshals. Actually its the 226th anniversary -- and that's not the only problem with the coin set. Read Dr. Planchet's critique here or watch the video here.

Wide AM cents

How close are the letters A and M in the word America on the reverse of the Lincoln memorial cent? A difference of less than a millimeter can be the difference between a coin worth hundreds of dollars and coin worth one cent. Don't be the schmo that throws one of these back into circulation. This may be one of the best opportunities for discovering a rare coin from pocket change. Please read more about this coin on the Wide AM page

wide AM


Can Indian head gold coins make us sick?1909 ten dollar gold coin

In 1909 a new gold coin was introduced with an incuse design. This drew a complaint from Phialdelphia numismatist S.H. Chapman, who complained directly to Theodore Roosevelt that the coins were unhygienic, since the recessed areas would become clogged with filth and convey disease. Can these coins really kill us? Read about them on the Indian Head Gold page.




Did you know that at one time in the United States, people used to collect stamps? Sounds ridiculous, but if you are interested in stamps, you may click here.