2009 Lincoln Cent

2009 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent Well folks, we continue our story with the 2009 Lincoln Cent. In 2009, the Lincoln Cent was redesigned with new reverses. Why? Let's review the pattern. In 1909, the Lincoln cent was introduced with the wheat ears reverse. Fifty years later, in 1959,the reverse was changed to the Lincoln Memorial. Fifty years later, a new design ws in order. And so, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth and the one hundredth anniversary of the Lincoln Cent, here come the new reverese designs for 2009.

2009 Lincoln Cent reverse #1: Birthplace of Lincoln

The first reverse of the 2009 Lincoln Cent depicts the birthplace of Lincoln, a log cabin in Kentucky, where Lincoln was born in 1809.

2009 Lincoln Cent reverse #2: Formative years of Lincoln

2009 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent The second reverse shows Mr. Lincoln sitting on a log reading a book. During this time, Lincoln worked as a rail splitter in Indiana.

2009 Lincoln Cent reverse #3: Lincoln's professional life in Illinois

2009 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent The next Lincoln cent reverse takes place in Illinois. In 1846, Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives as a member of the Whig party. In 1858, the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates were held (and contrary to popular beliefe,the result of the debate was that Douglas won re-election to the senate). In 1860,the Republican party nominated Lincoln as a presidential candidate. He was elected president later that year.

2009 Lincoln Cent reverse #4: The Lincoln Presidency

2009 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent The final reverse coin design depcits the Lincoln presidency. The coin shows the Capitol building with the dome not yet completed.

Metal content of the 2009 Lincoln Cents

The mint fiddled with the metal content of the 2009 Lincoln cents. The coins dumped into circulation (you know,the ones we put in the "take one leave one" cup -- had the standard content of 97.5% zinc, with a token 2.5% copper on the outside. Ah, but for the collectors, the mint issued coins (both proof and uncirculated) in the original composition of the 1909 Lincoln Cent (95% copper and 5% tin and zinc). They should look identical.

Collecting the 2009 Lincoln Cents

These coins were struck in the billions, so you should have no trouble finding them in change. The mint is never lacking in imagination for marketing coins. What's next? Perhaps Lincoln Christmas ornaments?

Other 2009 Lincoln coins

2009 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent Another coin introduced in 2009 was the Lincoln Commemorative silver dollar. For more information, go to the Lincoln Commemorative dollar page.