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Coin tricks

The numismatic purists will cringe when they see this page, but I always liked a good coin trick. Everyone knows me as a serious numismatists. but I do sometimes (although not often) take time for some frivolity such as the engagment in the practice of magic. I was introduced to magic by an uncle, Jack Nessin, who asked if my mother trusted me with money. He then put a cent and a dime in my hand and asked me to hold them. Every time, I dropped the dime. And so, I was introduced to the famous penny and dime trick.

T. Nelson Downs

 T.Nelson Downs Coin magicians are part of our numismatic heritage. T. Nelson Downs (1867 to 1938) was one of the first pure coin magicians, mastering many manipulations. He was especially adept at palming Barber halves. He was best known for the Miser's Dream , in which he pulled coins out of thin air and dropped into a bucket.

J.B. Bobo

J.B. Bobo,(1910 - 1996) another magician,who specialized in coins wrote a definitive textbook, Modern Coin Magic . the book is highly recommended for all those aspiring to be coin manipulators.

Coin Gaffes

From flipper coins to shells, there are many gimmicked coins that can be used in magic. You can read about them on the coin gaffes page.


The variety of coin tricks

There are many different coin tricks that have been invented. Go to the coin magic topics on the right of this page to get details about particular tricks. The basic things that coins do in tricks:
1) coins vanish
2) coins appear
3) coins penetrate solid objects
4) solid objects penetrate coins
5) one or more coins turns into one or more different coins

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