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Dr. Peter Planchet is a distinguished professor of numismatics. He is best known for his book “The 147 die varieties of the 1878 Morgan Dollar.” He has numerous publications in journals such as The American Journal of Silver Coins (AJSC).  He later started the spin-off publication, The American Journal of Coins which are Composed of Forty Percent Silver (AJCCFPS)


You probably know that Peter Planchet, PhD is one of the most knowledgeable men in the world -- not only about numismatics, but about everything. But did you know that Dr. Planchet is also a film star? He is currently working on "State Quarters: A Love Story" in which he helps explains (in excruciating detail) many facts about State Quarters.

State Quarters: A Love Story

How many New Jersey quarters were minted in Denver?   What is the composition of the silver quarters?  How many state quarters come in a bag?  Professor Peter Planchet answers (in excruciating detail) these and other questions about State Quarters. 

What could be more fulfilling in life than putting quarters into albums?

Meanwhile, a collector's obsession with state quarters leads to the collapse of his marriage -- a marriage in which 98% of the assets are in the form of state quarters.

It's all the government's fault, according to Attorney Tom Tort.  He demands that the government address the question of  why quarters have no warning labels.

Even the pillows have been stuffed with state quarters-- much to the dismay of the collector's wife (Beth Graboski)

Satva Verte, Emily Murphy and Beth Graboski co-star. 

State quarter collecting has emerged as one of the biggest hobbies of the new decade.  This film asks the question: why?

Will life improve once Jessica (Sativa Verte) arrives?

Does he love her as much as his State Quarter collection?  And why do they sleep on the living room floor?

"Peter Planchet has clearly cornered the market on the numismatic comedy.  Unfortunately, there is no evidence that any such market exists."